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Published: 03rd March 2011
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For the spiritually minded, finally a trendy new site that "gets specific", in ways general sites like simply can’t. "gets specific" by bringing together all those singles in holistic networks, yoga dating circles, spiritual, cosmopolitan singles, as well as vegans, vegetarians, and yoga lovers in a spiritual dating/marriage website. It is also interesting that this is the only site that services disciples following special spiritual paths and Gurus like Yogananda, Ammachi, Sai Baba, Padre Piu and others besides the mainstream religions.

Meeting a fresh and trendy community of like-minded souls looking for relationships with a commitment that includes their spiritual values is a refreshing experience. The website is a labor of love founded by people who lead a spiritual and cosmopolitan life themselves and who recognize the need for a spiritually based dating website. After years of deep meditation, inner guidance, spiritual research, discussions with holistic communities, spiritual therapists, and healers, matchmyspirit was born.

Why should you sign on? It’s fun for the spiritually minded looking to connect to relationships of substance and longevity with souls who share their holistic interests, values and goals right off the bat, as part of their initial contact.

What kind of people join? People who see their lives evolving to a higher purpose. A Spiritual Soulmate Questionaire asks revealing questions such as: " How would you change the world if you get a chance?" and "What are your spiritual ideals and goals for the future."

When is a good time? Now. The site has expanded at quite a pace. It seems there is a growing interest in spirituality in the world and matchmyspirit reflects that. Nice place for some introspection too and networking with those that feel the importance of spirituality in friendship, social connections, and romance. And the blog, has a wealth of interesting insights centered around spiritual topics.

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